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Product Design Tutorials

What is MIG Welding? (GMAW)

What is TIG Welding? (GTAW)

What is STICK Welding? (SMAW)

How Does a Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) work?

How does a mobile charger work?

How does Buck Converter work?


Electrical Panel Box


How capacitors work ?

How transistors work ?

how inductors work ?

Lock clamp - Sheet Metal

Fan ventilation grill

oil/ piston pump

What is a Control Valve?

Pressure Sensor, Transducer, and Transmitter

What is a Contactor?

Interference Detection

Jet Gas Turbine

Drive Shaft With Safety coupling

Hair Dryer part design

Plastic bottle

mold wizards core & cavity

Weld Bead and Symbols

Steel structure with welding

Creating Weld Beads

Differential gear box in solidworks

Wrap Surface with CATIA V5

Cryogenic Engines | The complete physics

How does an Air Compressor work?

Pantograph Working Principle

Transmissions Working Principle

Understanding Failure Theories

Gear Design | Spur Gears

Control Valve Types

Cutting Stamping Toolbar

Metal sheet

Micrometer - CATIA

Connecting Rod - CATIA

Motor Cover - CATIA

Fan Design - CATIA

GD&T Datums, Reference Frames, & Part Immobilization

GD​&T - Basic Set-up Procedure

Using True Position vs Coordinate Dimensions

Fits & Tolerances

Limits,Fits & Tolerance

Hole & Shaft Basis System

Mold Design

Die Design

Introduction of Mold tools

Valve Design

Solidwork Modeling

Sheet Metal tutorial

How does an Electric Motor work?

How does a Mechanical Scale work?

How does an Oscillating Fan work?


GD​&T - Basic Set-up Procedure

GD&T Position Tolerance

Knuckle joint Structural Analysis in Ansys

Static structural analysis

Frictional Contact & Bolt Pretension

Kitchen Sink

Sheet metal - Power box chassis

Exhaust Manifold

Crane Hook

Sheet Metal Design

CATIA Part Design

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