CAD Basics


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Product Design Tutorials

Arduino Based Robot

How did the Enigma Machine work?

What is Cycloidal Drive?

What is MIG Welding? (GMAW)

What is TIG Welding? (GTAW)

What is STICK Welding? (SMAW)

How Does a Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) work?

How does a mobile charger work?

How does Buck Converter work?


Electrical Panel Box


How capacitors work ?

How transistors work ?

how inductors work ?

Lock clamp - Sheet Metal

Fan ventilation grill

oil/ piston pump

What is a Control Valve?

Pressure Sensor, Transducer, and Transmitter

What is a Contactor?

Interference Detection

Jet Gas Turbine

Drive Shaft With Safety coupling

Hair Dryer part design

Plastic bottle

mold wizards core & cavity

Weld Bead and Symbols

Steel structure with welding

Creating Weld Beads

Differential gear box in solidworks

Wrap Surface with CATIA V5

Cryogenic Engines | The complete physics

How does an Air Compressor work?

Pantograph Working Principle

Transmissions Working Principle

Understanding Failure Theories

Gear Design | Spur Gears

Control Valve Types

Cutting Stamping Toolbar

Metal sheet

Micrometer - CATIA

Connecting Rod - CATIA

Motor Cover - CATIA

Fan Design - CATIA

GD&T Datums, Reference Frames, & Part Immobilization

GD​&T - Basic Set-up Procedure

Using True Position vs Coordinate Dimensions

Fits & Tolerances

Limits,Fits & Tolerance

Hole & Shaft Basis System

Mold Design

Die Design

Introduction of Mold tools

Valve Design

Solidwork Modeling

Sheet Metal tutorial

How does an Electric Motor work?

How does a Mechanical Scale work?

How does an Oscillating Fan work?


GD​&T - Basic Set-up Procedure

GD&T Position Tolerance

Knuckle joint Structural Analysis in Ansys

Static structural analysis

Frictional Contact & Bolt Pretension

Kitchen Sink

Sheet metal - Power box chassis

Exhaust Manifold

Crane Hook

Sheet Metal Design

CATIA Part Design